Dark Blood - Theme for VSCode

Dark Blood - Theme for VSCode

Available v3.0.0


🎨 vscode-theme-dark-blood

I released the new version of my dark theme for VSCode, 1 theme with 5 shades of different colors with the name of the blood type (A, B, AB, 0)! Optimized for typescript and javascript. I wrote some regexes to color JSDoc comments correctly too which are now much more readable.


👔 Screenshot

Blood - Default

Blood - Type A

Blood - Type B

Blood - Type AB

Blood - Type 0

🚀 Installation

  1. Install extension from vscode marketplace.
  2. Open VSCode, go to extensions list and find "Dark Blood Theme"
  3. Click to Set Color Theme and confirm theme.

🧩 Extra: if you want exactly what the screenshots look like (icons, hexcode colors preview, etc), install these extensions:

  • Set font: Fira Code Medium or JetBrains Mono Medium (13.5px size and 500 weight + ligatures).
  • ext install pkief.material-icon-theme
  • ext install naumovs.color-highlight
  • ext install wiggin77.codedox
  • ext install gruntfuggly.todo-tree
  • ext install esbenp.prettier-vscode
  • ext install dbaeumer.vscode-eslint

Launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), paste the following command, and press enter.

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